serum to use with red light therapyserum to use with red light therapy

Why our Activating Serum is a critical component of your SolaWave treatment

by Andres Jimenez | August 22, 2020

For those of us obsessed with reading skincare ingredient labels, you may wonder why most microcurrent companies charge a lot for a conductive gel that seems to be made mostly out of aloe vera. In fact, a quick google search might conclude that aloe vera alone is an equal replacement for conductive gels--but that assumption is a bit misguided. Let us explain:


The Ideal Building Block for Conductivity

There’s no doubt that the texture and moisturization of aloe vera gel is an ideal foundation for any good conductive gel. However, even though aloe vera also has the ability to conduct microcurrent, this is merely because aloe vera is 99% water, a naturally conductive material.

serum to use with red light therapy
Every conductive gel requires a supplemental material (such as copper, zinc, sodium, or acid) in order to properly distribute the microcurrent signals across the surface area of your face. This is because the presence of electrolytes dissolved in water creates a supercharged path for electricity to pass through. Without it, water itself is a pretty poor conductor--so aloe vera alone may just be too weak of a vehicle to safely use for microcurrent therapy.

But don’t worry, the consistency of aloe vera still makes for a powerful lubricating sidekick to help your microcurrent device glide over the skin smoothly, so it’s not out of a job yet!


SolaWave’s Got Something for the Aloe Lovers Out There

Here at SolaWave Beauty, we decided to take everything you love about nature’s super-gel and incorporate it into our own activating serum!

Our serum is nothing like other conductive gels: it’s organic, lightweight, and won’t make you feel like you’re wearing a sticky ultrasound-gel mask (we’re cringing just thinking about it). With aloe vera gel as the base, hyaluronic acid as the powerful conductor, and blue tansy extract as the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory booster, our activating serum is your one-stop-shop for happy skin.

Learn more about our activating serum here.

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